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Univ.Prof. Dr. Julia Hüttner, MSc.


phone: 1-4277-424 93

Julia Hüttner is Professor of English Language Education (“Didaktik der englischen Sprache”) having joined the Department of English Studies and the Zentrum für LehrerInnenbildung in this position in February 2018. Previously, she was Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics at the University of Southampton, UK. Her research into foreign language learning and teaching currently addresses two major areas: Firstly, CLIL (Content-and-Language-Integrated-Learning) and EMI (English-Medium-Instruction), with a research focus on classroom interactions. Secondly, teacher development (particularly in ESP), teacher education and teacher beliefs. Past research, including her PhD, focused on genre use in EAP and ESP and these issues are still of interest.

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Prof. Dr. Christiane Dalton-Puffer


phone: 01-4277-42443

After studying English, History and Spanish and teaching German in the UK Christiane turned to research in linguistics, initially examining complex words in Middle English. While her fascination with morphology continues she now focuses on her other main interest applied linguistics and its links to language teacher education.

Her current research is on classroom discourse especially in Content-and-Language integrated Learning (CLIL) and she has been part of the leading team of the interdisciplinary Research Platform ”Theory and practice of & Subject Didactics” at the University of Vienna since 2009.

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Mag.a Dr. Helen Heaney, B.A. (Hons)


phone: 1-4277-424 18

Helen studied French and German at the University of Durham, Great Britain and obtained her teaching degree in English and French at the University of Klagenfurt. Her PhD was on developing a tertiary-level English reading comprehension test. She spent 12 years team-teaching in a CLIL programme at a grammar school in Klagenfurt (focusing on music and the natural sciences) and taught ESP in many different fields, from medical English to Tourism. From 1998 to 2011, Helen worked in the English Department at the University of Klagenfurt, where she was involved in the language programme, linguistics and teacher training. Her special interests are language testing and assessment, innovative approaches to language teaching and learning, reading comprehension and the use of learner corpora for validation purposes.

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Mag.a Dr. Barbara Mehlmauer-Larcher, MA


phone: 01-4277-42490

Barbara holds a teaching degree in English and German from the University of Graz and a master´s degree in applied linguistics and ELT from the University of East Anglia. After having taught English at secondary and tertiary level she turned to teacher education. At present she teaches general and specialized classes in English language pedagogy and coordinates the activities of the departmental Centre for English Language Teaching. Her research interests are foreign language teacher education, ESP methodology and the use of computer corpora in ELT.

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Mag.a Daniela Weitensfelder, MA


phone: 0699-12625435

After finishing her degrees in English and French at the universities of Graz, Orléans (teaching assistant) and SUNY Buffalo, NY (Fulbright scholar), Daniela Weitensfelder settled in Vienna, where she teaches business English and French, and preparation courses for Cambridge certificates at BHAK Wien11. She is active in several working groups (teacher training, implementation of new curricula, Bifie-certified trainer for the new Austrian SRDP etc.) for the Vienna Board of Education, the bm:ukk, PH + KPH Wien. She has been a team member in several projects at the "Österreichisches Sprachen-Kompetenz-Zentrum www.oesz.at. AT the CELT, her special interests are in ESP methodology and foreign language teacher education.

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Staff co-opted within the English department

Mag. Armin Berger


After studying English and Catholic Religious Instruction at Vienna University and the Australian National University, Canberra, Armin has gained professional experience in a number of settings, ranging from secondary to tertiary, adult and even primary education. He is currently teaching at this department and a secondary vocational school in Vienna, with a keen teaching interest in all areas of spoken language and a research interest in testing speaking. His main activities are focused on but not limited to language testing and assessment.

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Mag. Thomas Martinek, B.A.


phone: 01-4277-42406

Thomas Martinek studied English and Music at the University of Vienna and the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and also holds a degree from Anton Bruckner Private University Linz (classical guitar pedagogy). He has been teaching language skills courses at the English department since 2005 (PPOCS, ILSS, Language in Use, Phonetic Transcription) and joined the CELT team in SS 2010, when he first taught the Introduction to Language Teaching 2. Thomas also works at the GRG 3 Radetzkystraße, where he gives English and Music lessons. His research interests include pronunciation teaching, postcolonial studies, short story theory, postmodernism and intersections of literature and music. He is currently also working on his Ph.D. thesis on postcolonial Nigerian short stories. 

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Assoz. Prof. Mag.a Dr. Susanne Reichl


phone: 01-4277-42462

Susanne Reichl holds a PhD in English literature from the University of Vienna. She has taught language, literature, cultural studies and teaching methodology (with a literature focus) there since 1997. Her research interests are postcolonial and New English literatures, contemporary British literatures and cultures, tales of time travel, cognitive approaches, and the teaching of literature at school and university.

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Mag.a Dr. Angelika Rieder-Bünemann


Angelika holds a teaching degree in English and Mathematics from the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology, and a PhD in applied linguistics from the University of Tübingen, specializing in incidental vocabulary acquisition. She currently works as a senior lecturer at the English Department, teaching classes in teacher education, language competence and linguistics. Her research interests include second language vocabulary acquisition, integrating e-Learning in ELT, learner autonomy and CLIL.

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Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Monika Seidl

http://homepage.univie.ac.at/ Monika.Seidl/


phone: 01-4277-42462

Monika Seidl is Professor of Cultural Studies at the English Department of Vienna University. Her research interests are wide-ranging with a focus on visual texts, literary classics and popular culture.

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Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Barbara Seidlhofer


phone: 01-4277-42442

Barbara Seidlhofer is Professor of English and Applied Linguistics at the University of Vienna. Her teaching and research focus is on corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis and pragmatics, in particular in their application to language teacher education. Barbara Seidlhofer is conducting research within the EU project DYLAN (Language dynamics and management of diversity) into the implications of English as a Lingua Franca for European multilingualism and vice versa. She is the founding director of the Vienna-Oxford International Corpus of English (VOICE), which aims to provide a basis for the description of English as a Lingua Franca and its implications for pedagogy.

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Ao. Univ-Prof. Dr. Ute Smit


phone: 01  4277-424-32


After studying English and Mathematics and teaching English at Austrian and South African schools, Ute continued her academic career with a PhD and ‘Habilitation’ in applied linguistics. Her past and present research interests deal with English used in educational settings and combine areas such as language policy, language attitudes, English as a lingua franca, English for specific purposes, and English used as medium of instruction, especially at the tertiary level. 

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Hon. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Henry G.Widdowson


phone: 01-4277-42441

After spending many years in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as an English language Officer with the British Council, Henry Widdowson began his academic career as a lecturer in applied linguistics at the University of Edinburgh, where he first became interested in discourse analysis, stylistics and language education – areas of enquiry he has been concerned with in his teaching and writing ever since. He is now a professor emeritus of the University of London and honorary professor of the University of Vienna. 

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Lecturers (part-time)

Mag.a Martina Amaya Diaz


Since high school I have been fascinated by learning and teaching languages. During my studies of English and Spanish for a teaching degree at the University of Vienna I highly enjoyed the semester I spent in South Carolina, where I student taught in local middle and high schools. After graduating I spent two valuable years teaching Spanish and Business at the High School of Economics and Finance in Manhattan. Currently I am teaching English at the Bundeshandelsakademie Wien 10. I am a passionate material collector, analyzer and adapter. My interests lie in all aspects of language learning and teaching, particularly in ELT methodology and teacher education.

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Mag.a Eva Annau MA


Eva Annau teaches English and History (CLIL) at the Business Academy Donaustadt and has gained experience in teacher training in a number of settings.  She is involved in the bm:ukk project for the promotion of Cooperative Open Learning (COOL) in secondary vocational schools and is the co-author of the European Language Portfolio 15+ for young adults. Her special interests are learner autonomy and innovation with special focus on learning and teaching in teams. In close cooperation with Christiane Dalton-Puffer, she is currently offering a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) course at this department.

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Mag. Christian Auinger


Christian Auinger studied English, Psychology and Philosophy at the Universtiy of Vienna and currently teaches those subjects at the BG|BRG Purkersdorf, where he is also responsible for the school’s English department. A native speaker of English, he enjoys mentoring students, incorporating books, music and films into his lessons, and writing texts about himself in the third person; believes that you can have fun while taking things seriously.

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Mag.a Gabriele Baldt


Gabriele Baldt studied English and French at the University of Vienna. She taught adult learners for several years and for the past twenty-something years she has been teaching English at Rg Org 23, Anton Krieger Gasse 25, in various school pilot projects ranging (in chronological order) from “Schulversuch Mittelschule” to “KMS” to “Neue Wiener Mittelschule”. She enjoys team-teaching and working with children with special educational needs, especially students with impaired hearing. Her main pedagogical interests are group dynamics and teaching mixed ability classes with a special focus on cooperative forms of learning and teaching

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MMag. Monika S. Boniecki


Monika studied English, German and linguistics at the University of Vienna. During her studies she spent a year at the University of Edinburgh as an exchange student. She has taught in various settings, ranging from pre-primary to adult education. Currently she is teaching at an AHS in Vienna and involved in teacher training at the Department of English. Her areas of interest are first and second/foreign language acquisition and teaching, with a special focus on vocabulary, morphology and narrative.


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Mag.a Gabriele Dirnberger


phone: 02242-32259

Studied History and English at Vienna University. Has been exploring language teaching in numerous settings and school types from nursery to tertiary level. Keen professional interest in all aspects of language learning and ELT methodology, enjoys coaching novice teachers.
Roles other than teacher: painter, gardener, bookworm, RSC-enthusiast.

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Mag.a Heidrun Elmenreich


After finishing her degrees in French and English at Vienna University, Heidrun Elmenreich started teaching English and French at secondary level, both in general and vocational settings. Integrating open learning methods and ESP 15 + from the very beginning, she has developed a series of open learning materials. She teaches English, French and International Communication in Business at Hertha Firnberg Schools for Business and Tourism Vienna 22 and acts as a pre-service teacher trainer for the Centre for English Language Teaching at Vienna University.

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Mag.a Bettina Fichtenbauer-Reysach


Bettina Fichtenbauer-Reysach studied English and French at the University of Vienna, taught German as a language teaching assistant in the UK, and then gained professional experience in various settings, ranging from adult education to the school pilot project “Neue Mittelschule”. Since 1997 the centre of her professional life has been the BG/BRG 21 Schulschiff “Bertha von Suttner”, where she is responsible for the school’s English department and works as a mentor teacher for University students and trainee teachers. Apart from teaching English she is also coordinating the school’s peer tutoring system. Her interests lie in all aspects of school development and language teaching with a special focus on cooperative forms of learning and teaching.

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Mag. Christian Holzmann, MAS


Educator, teacher, entertainer (for more than 30 years at the Rainergymnasium, the SKP and at university). Reader, book-collector, film-buff &c. (for even more years)
Also: Co-author of numerous successful coursebooks.
Also: Author of numerous articles on various matters (ELT, ICT, MS, LIT, EDU) and reviewer of thousands of books.
Believes in the "readiness to go the extra mile."

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Mag.a Dr. Silvia Jexenflicker


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Mag. Michael Karnbach


Since his graduation from university (University of Vienna and Paris Sorbonne) he has been teaching English and French in adult education and at upper-secondary vocational school. He has been active in in-service teacher training (e-learning, cross-culture and gender issues) for PH Wien and pre-service teacher training at the Centre for English Language Teaching at Vienna University. He is now in charge of the English Department at Hertha Firnberg Schools for Business and Tourism Vienna 22 (Vocational Secondary College for Occupations in the Service Industries), where he teaches English, French and International Communication in Business, and prepares candidates for the Cambridge Business English Certificate

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Mag.a Sigrid Katzboeck


phone: 01-4277-42407

Sigrid Katzboeck studied English and French at the University of Vienna, then spent some time teaching and studying in the UK. Her work as a co-writer of Friends (published by Veritas Verlag) made her develop a strong interest in communicative, learner-based language teaching.
Sigrid Katzboeck teaches English and French at an AHS in Vienna and various teacher education courses at the department.

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Mag.a Anita Kohlheimer-Dörflinger


After graduating from the University of Vienna with a degree in German and English, Anita Kohlheimer-Doerflinger taught German in London for a year. Back in Vienna she was employed at various grammar schools in the city, until she found her ideal school in the 22nd district: BRg Theodor-Kramer-Straße. She has been very involved in the bilingual programme there. Apart from teaching English as a first and second language, she is also an enthusiastic mentor for student teachers. She also offers in-service training for teachers at the Pädagogische Hochschule in Vienna; her particular field of expertise is Bildungsstandards.


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Mag.a Dr. Helga Linhart


Helga Linhart studied English and History at Klagenfurt University, from where she graduated in 1989. In 1990 she began her teaching career as a free-lance English instructor in adult education, teaching General English (incl. Superlearning) and English for Specific Purposes (Business English, International Finance, Medical English, Tourist Industry, etc.). In 2007 she started her PhD at Vienna University and graduated in 2010. Since 2011 she has been teaching "English in Adult Education“ at the English Department of Vienna University. Her research interests include age-related learner dimensions, lifelong learning, multilingualism, learner autonomy, individual variables, and learner-teacher rapport. Presentations at international conferences since 2010: Austria, China, France, Germany, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, USA.

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Mag.a Gerlinde Magg


Linde Magg studied English and history at the University of Vienna and then she taught in a comprehensive school in the East End of London for a year which was an experience she would not want to miss. Since 1992 she has been teaching at GRG 17 Parhamerplatz. Some 15 years ago she established, together with a group of colleagues, VBS (Vienna Bilingual Schooling) at her school and she has been co-ordinator of this programme since then. Her main focus in teaching is on team teaching and coaching and mentoring young colleagues and students. She loves reading and therefore teaching literature plays a very important role in her classrooms. She puts an emphasis on cross-cultural studies linked to the international setting of VBS Parhamerplatz.

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Mag.a Margarete Nezbeda


Margarete studied English and German at Vienna University, Austria. She was an AHS teacher of German and English from 1973 to 2003; from 2000-2003 she taught English methodology at „Pädagogische Akademie der Erzdiözese Wien“.
She has been a team member in several projects at the „Österreichisches Sprachen-Kompetenz-Zentrum
www.oesz.at. Margarete is a co-author of two Austrian ELPs: ESP-M and ESP 15+. Since 1998 she has been active in in-service teacher training in Austria and abroad, mainly focussing on CEFR, ELP and Bildungsstandards, Englisch 8. Schulstufe.
From 2008 to 2011 she co-ordinated two short-term projects dedicated to the European Language Portfolio at the ECML
http://elp-tt2.ecml.at/ELPTT3/tabid/2330/language/en-GB/Default.asp, which resulted in the launch of ECML’s ELP implementation website „Using the ELP“ http://elp.ecml.at/UsingtheELP

Website: www.sprachenlernen-mit-dem-esp.at

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Mag.a Barbara Stefan


After graduating from university (English and French for a teaching degree at the University of Vienna; advertising and sales at the University of Business Administration), Barbara Stefan worked as marketing assistant at the Museum of Modern Art Vienna. After two years, she decided to give teaching a try - and got hooked! Since then she has been teaching English at secondary (AHS; BAKIP) as well as at tertiary level (Fachhochschule). She is especially interested in the use of drama in ELT.

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Mag. Fabian Szymanek


Since Sept. 2010 Fabian Szymanek has been a teacher of English, Mathematics and Spanish at a secondary school in Maria Enzersdorf, Lower Austria. At this school he has worked in a CLIL-setting teaching Mathematics in English in both lower and upper secondary. After nearly three years as a “Sondervertragslehrer” he graduated from both the University of Vienna and the Technical University in 2013. In addition, for the last 5 summers, Fabian has worked as coordinator and manager of numerous SFA English language camps in Styria.

His special interests lie in didactics and CLIL in particular, the field in which he is planning to start a PhD project in the near future. Having joined the department’s external teaching staff in March 2014 he now teaches Introduction to Language Teaching 2, which he greatly enjoys as much as being a mentor teacher for teacher training students.

Outside of school and university he tries to go abroad as frequently as possible. Also he is an avid follower of American politics, especially as it is portrayed in the media.

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Mag. Stephan Waba, MA


Stephan Waba holds a teaching degree in German and English as well as a master's degree in Mediation (ARGE Bildungsmanagement) from Vienna University. He is the head of the Bundeszentrum Onlinecampus Virtuelle PH, which is maintained by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture. At the English department, he currently teaches classes on technologically supported language teaching and learning. Apart from teaching at Vienna University, he also works as a lecturer at the University College of Teacher Education Burgenland as well as various other institutions offering teacher training. He has written several schoolbooks, which were published by Langenscheidt and ÖBV.

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Administrative Staff

Monika Fahrnberger


phone: 01-4277-42410

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