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DELT - Datebase of English Learner Texts

DELT is a repository for texts produced by learners of English at various educational levels. It is meant to be a resource for the analysis of learner language, available for research and demonstration purposes to both lecturers and students at the department. DELT archives data from various departmental projects related to the analysis of learner language in one database (e.g. the CLIL lesson corpus compiled by Christiane Dalton-Puffer, longitudinal learner data from language classes at the Department of English compiled by Barbara Schiftner). 

DELT was designed as a flexible system allowing for the organization of written and spoken learner texts. Information on the learners who produced the texts and the setting in which the texts were produced are saved along with the texts in a relational database system.



In addition to DELT we have also collected the
Austrian component of ICCI  International Corpus of Crosslinguistic Interlanguage
directed by Yukio Tono in Tokyo (
ICCI –Austrian component:  773 texts  by learners aged 11-17


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